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We help speakers create the right marketing materials to convert more leads and grow their speaking business.
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There Are A Ton Of Marketing Solutions Out There.

We can help determine which ones are the right fit, which ones are not and which ones will convert leads into clients and get you hired!

Demo & Content Videos

Videos are the most powerful method for converting leads into clients. Are your videos working for you, or against you? We can help answer that question and create presentations that will get you noticed, and hired!

Marketing Consulting

Marketing Automation is the current buzzword and can really be a powerful tool. But, are you using it correctly for your speaking business? We can help you sift through all the hype and create a strategy that will work for you.

Website Consulting & Development

Websites shouldn't take 9 months to develop. Period. Watch out for that website with all the "Bells & Whistles" that costs 20k to create. You'll end up getting a "pretty" website that doesn't convert.

Landing Page Strategy

Along with video, Landing pages can be an invaluable tool in converting visitors into clients. We can help you create powerful pages that can boost your conversion rate and get you more engagements.

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Make Your Best First Impression

You only have a short time to impress your clients. We create demo videos that can make sure you take advantage of that time.

Demo Videos That Fit Your Personality

We create demo videos that fit your personality and reflect your brand and most importantly, get clients attention.

Let's Make Technology Work For You.

Having the right marketing team at your side is key. That's where we come in! We can answer all your questions and help you implement marketing strategy that will help move the needle in your speaking business.
Is a CRM right for me? If so, which one and how do I set it up?

I've heard a lot about the power of marketing automation . . . where do I start?
I just spent a lot of money creating my new website but I haven't gotten any inbound leads from it. What is happening?
I am just starting out and I don't have any recorded engagements. Can I still create a good demo video?

Happy Clients Keep Us Happy!

I am extremely happy I chose to work with SpeakerSight for my new speaker demo video. I found them to be creative and appreciative of my brand, great listeners, and provided amazing value. They offered the best combination of creativity, quality, and cost you’ll find anywhere. Highly recommended.

Todd Dewett

The SpeakerSight team were total professionals throughout the entire process. They had great ideas while also remaining open to feedback. Their goal was to make me happy and they didn't stop until that happened.

Scott Greenberg

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